A procedure of treatment

The aim of a completion and their implementation

The aim of the completion of a historical vehicle is to complete it into an original appearance with a use of his preserved parts and fragments of chassis and bodywork. The extent and demands of the completion depend on the type, number and condition of the original parts of the particular vehicle.

In the Czech Republic, there are several specialized companies, each has apart from general shared knowledge and well-known manufacturing processes also their own company know-how and uses their own procedures during the completion and renovation of historical vehicles. In this process, individual companies cooperate with other specialized producers as needed. A quality of a work of those companies differs in a quality of workshop processing and in extent to which they are able to compete the historical vehicles its former, original appearance.

An assumption of successful completion

Since the original company Wichterle & Kovářík came to end and during the end their successor companies Agrostroj Prostějov it came to damage or destruction of an original manufacturing documents. Only period photos, period company prospects and various documents which are saved among collectors or saved in museums and professional publications were preserved as the only source of information for completion of the vehicles next to the well-preserved exemplars. Those documents are necessary to gather and study in the possible extent before the completion.

Buying a historical vehicle connected with its completion is very expensive, it might cost up to several million CZK. Therefore, it is important to think rationally, you need to be informed and with a big forethought in this case. For those reasons, it is necessary, that those who are interested in buying a historical vehicle Wikov in the form of its completion, to consult this intention with several experts or even cub expert advisors.

A rational procedure of the completion

The process of the completion of the historical vehicle Wikov might have from its formation of the aim of the completion to finishing several main stages:

1. An introductory stage

  • Intent to acquire the historical vehicle Wikov
  • A consultation of the intent and interviews about it with experts and owners of historical vehicles Wikov;
  • Interviews with veterans and searching for masseges about selling of vehicles Wikov or its parts;
  • Type identification of available parts and choice of Wikov purchase by means of its completion
  • Purchase available original parts of the vehicle and the decision about making its bodywork.

2. A preparation of the contract

  • Gathering of original parts of the vehicle and period photographs in the interested person´s residence;
  • A consultation with technical advisors about extent of the completion and choosing the most appropriate company for its realization;
  • A formulation of the contract for the completion of the vehicle and addressing the chosen reconstruction company.

3. Own completion of the vehicle Wikov

  • A contract for a reconstructed company and writing a detailed record about the scope of the contract;
  • The completion of a vehicle in a reconstructed company according to the placing and agreement about consultations;
  • Finishing of the completion of a vehicle and its handover to the contracting authority under pre-agreed conditions.