About a website

An interpretation of a website

The website of Wikov Veteran Club is interpreted as a source for basic information about vehicles Wikov for the general public and then as an information board for Wikov Veteran Club members.

This interpretation is based on basic goals of the club. Apart from making a friendly association of owners and supporters of Wikov cars, it is also for sharing information about those historical vehicles among professional and amateur public.

A link “Cars Wikov” with whole menu is especially for general public. Given information is in a brief and condensed form so that the reading would be entertaining and then so that it would not be so detailed. Although the details are interesting, they are not necessary for basic idea of Wikov vehicles.

The content of a website

The information on a link “Cars Wikov” includes history of the car maker Wikov, a construction of cars Wikov and other related areas which in summary proved a comprehensive and brief overview of those cars. Information about family and cultural environment of both founder family lines which had a significant influence on a whole technical level and graceful elegance of those historical vehicles and on marketing strategy their car maker can be found in its final part.

Other links of the website are especially for Wikov Veteran Club members, applicants for a membership in the club and other supporters and applicants for vehicles Wikov. Therefore, they contain apart from club matters also “A technical advisory”.

A graphic layout of the website

A graphic design of the website Wikov Veteran Club is in a retro style which refers to long-gone fame of cars Wikov with a historical motive of a vehicle Wikov from thirties of the 20th century. Also yellowed lists of old workshop manuals with edges of well-thumbed and overworked hands of the then mechanics.

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A project and stable text content of the website with visual accompaniment:

M.Sc. Stanislav Brácha

A historical photos and old documents:

Moravský zemský archiv v Brně
Muzeum Prostějovska v Prostějově
Státní okresní archiv Prostějov
Hubert Grmela
Ing. Evžen Miller
Ing. František Kovařík
Lambert Wichterle
O. S. Industria Wichterlensis
Auto Album Wikov

Present-day photos and documents:

Josef Milar
Jan Martof
Ing. Josef Mika
Cheops Prostějov

A graphic design, programming work and getting the website to work:

Cheops Prostějov