Founding statute

1. A characteristic of the club

Wikov Veteran Club is a free interest grouping of owners and supporters of historical cars Wikov.

2.  The basis of the club

“A rough heart” is the basis of the club which makes a group of founding members.

3. Purpose and idea of the club

The purpose of the club is to keep a public awareness about historical cars Wikov as a precious technical and cultural memory and to create a friendly fellowship of their owners and supporters through cultural meetings “Wikov Patry” in Prostějov.

4. The basic activities of the club

An organization of cultural meetings “Wikov party” for the club members and a presentation of the cars Wikov at chosen meeting focused on historical cars in Czech and Moravia.

5. The organization of the club

  • A president of the club, elected a presentative of the club
  • A financial administrator of the club, an elected administrator of the financial issues of the club
  • An organiser, for a preparation “Wikov party”, elected with 2 more co-workers.
  • The other registered club members.

6. Agendas of the club

The agenda of the president club:

  • Honourable role, a representation of the club during public events.

Agenda of the financial administrator of the club:

  • A financial security of “Wikov party” and carrying out of the relevant payments.

Agenda of the organiser:

  • Recording of the club members into the listing.
  • A personal contact with members of the club and gathering of the participants “Wikov party”.
  • The cooperation with O.S. Industria Wichterlensis during the preparation and organization of “Wikov party”.

7. The basic programme of “Wikov party”

“Wikov party” is going to take place in Prostějov, at “cult places”, connected with the history of the vehicles Wikov, in the yard of the former car maker, at National House and before a new town hall or a museum with this programme and this timetable:

00:00 – 9:30am The arrival to Prostějov and a completion of the vehicle at the yard of the car maker.

9:30am-10:00am The departure and line-up of the historical vehicles before the town hall on the T.G.M. square.

10:00am-12:00am Greeting to the city and presentation of the vehicles under the music band´s accompaniment.

12:00am-12:30am The departure to the lunch to National House and parking of the vehicles before N.D.

12:30am-1:30pm A ceremonial lunch at National House.

1:30pm-3:30pm Afternoon party at National House with the music band´s accompaniment.

3:30pm-4:00pm Saying goodbye, going back to the car maker, vehicles loading up and departure to home.