Types of vehicle modifications

Only a few hundreds of vehicles from each type series were made during the short existence of a former car maker Wikov. Probably only a few tens or just a few pieces of bodywork were made (roadster-aerable, faux-cabriolet, landaulet). Therefore, just a few complete vehicles Wikov were preserved which need only a whole renovation. In many cases, only some parts and parts of the original vehicles have been preserved and must be reconstructed and completed in their original form.

It is possible to divide the historical cars Wikov into several groups depending on their extent of the adjustments made:

  • A complete car in an original condition without modifications.
  • A complete car in a found state with new surface treatment.
  • A partially preserved vehicle with original chassis in a found state with completed bodywork.
  • A partly preserved car with original chassis in modified condition and new bodywork.
  • A car on a renovated original cradle with some original parts, completely reconstructed and finished on the basis of the original one.

The cars from all the above categories are presumed to be driven in an appropriate manner depending on the state of preservation of their functional groups of its chassis.