Events of the club

Polish-Czech ride of veterans

From 2 to 4 of August, the Polish-Czech ride of veterans took place. It started on Saturday in the morning on the Náchod´s square and continued through Wikov, Police nad Metují and Meziměstí to Walbrzych. More than 80 cars managed to reach the finish. The vehicles Wikov did not stay without awards – in a category of vehicles, the year of manufacture till 1945 of car maker Wikov gained:

  • the 3rd place in Police nad Metují
  • the 1st in a spa in Poland – Sucuawnie-Zdroju

The mood was wonderful, weather as well and we are looking forward to the next year of this famous ride.

Křivoklátsko, 1-3 June 2018

1-3 June 2018 was marked by Wikov Veteran Club in Křivoklátsko.

The programme was very varied, and everyone was having good time. The meeting started with Friday welcome of members which was followed by a collective session. Saturday afternoon was in the spirit of an exhibition Rückl glasswork in Nižbor and then the ride followed to museum Pavlíkov, where we saw beautiful historical motorbikes. Then we went on boats through Přívoz across Berounka and we visited Ota Pavel´s museum. Everything was ended in Chlum where was going on an Indian summer and we ordered potato pancakes in a restaurant. After that, we went back to Nižbor, from where some of the members left to their homes and some of them stayed there till Sunday morning.

We are looking forward to the next Veteran meeting which should be the next year again in Prostějov after 2 years.

Náchod, Hronov 2-3 February 2018

2-3 February, there was a business dealings of an organization committee Wikov Veteran Club at Náchodsko, the aim was to agree on this year event which would be held for Wikov Veteran Club members with their vehicles. Presents for Wikov Veteran Club were Josef Kašpar, Petra Kaněrová, an organizer of events in Moravia Jaroslav Vaverka, an organizer of events in Czech Valentyn Boháč, a loyal member and the owner of Wikov vehicle Lenka Kožušníková. Jiří Bernard for KHV Metuje.

The business dealings took place in Náchod hotel Bonato, then the members went to Hronov Wikov where they could see a local production and new office spaces.

At first, they were discussing the option that they would attach the event to the Slovak event – “Tatranský Oldtimer”, held from 6-8 July 2018. Due to the big distance and inconvenient summer date, the event was cancelled. But it does not mean that the owners of the beautiful vehicles Wikov could not participate at this event individually. For example, Wikov MGI a.s. will take part with one vehicle. It is the same for Hanácký okruh which is going to take place on Saturday 21 July and of course, Wikov vehicles can individually take part in it and for Zámecká Rallye as well which is going to take place 19-22 July at Zlínsko.

Then a proposal of Mr. Boháč was discussed which sketched the option to organize a collective event of Wikov Veteran Club at Křivoklátsko. All the presents agreed with this proposal, moreover we follow the rule for the club events- one event is in the Czech and one in Moravia, so there was only one thing – to figure out the date. We suggest organizing the event 1-3 June 2018. The assumption of the event is following: Friday afternoon – arrival, evening collective meeting, accommodation. Saturday – a collective ride accompanied by a tour of local attractions and another programme which will be specified, Sunday – departure.

The details will be specified.

Prostějov 21 May 2017

The day has come and a Spring event of a club in Projtějov is over.

Some members of the club met on Saturday, 20 May, started with a tour of Starorežné and continued to the local restaurant for a friendly meeting. On Sunday at 7:00am in the morning the vehicles Wikov approached on Prostějov square where they were gathered. Nine beautiful Wikov vehicles took part at the exhibition. During the whole exhibition there was no shortage of spectators and 2 Wikovky even gained an award in a competition Elagence Auto (Elegance car). It was specifically Wikov 7/28, whose owner is Mr. Wichterle and Wikov 40 and an owner is Mr. Hlaváček. After 11:00am, all historical vehicles set off on the collective ride. After that, Wikov vehicles headed on their own to the nearby Stražisko, where the club members refreshed themselves.

A nice weather, good mood, reliable vehicles Wikov and a pleasant visit of Wichterle´s summer residence significantly contributed to one of the next unforgettable events Wikov Veteran Club.

February 2017

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Prague 5 November 2016

The next annual meeting of members Wikov Veteran Club took place in Prague in the main office of Wikov Industry 5 September 2016. At this meeting, they decided to join the event Hanacký auto-moto veteran club from Prostějov because they can use their exhibition. The event is going to take place 21 May 2017 on a central square. The whole meeting was friendly and ended by collective lunch in Aureole restaurant.

Piešťany 7-12 June 2016

An event FIVA World Rally was held for the first time in Slovakia Piešťany. Also, there was represented a car maker Wikov with “Swan” Wikov 35 form Olomouc VeteranArena. The car arrived on his own road and together with the FIVA World Rally surpassed 1,059 km without defect.

Balatonüred 13-15 May 2016

The event CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE BALATONFÜRED was held in the Hungarian town Balatonfüred 13-15 May 2016. A cabriolet car Wikov 40 from VeteranArena also took part and won an award for the most elegant car of Czechoslovak production. It is not without interest, that the cabriolet car Wikov 40 went from the Czech Republic to Balaton on his own almost 938km! For more information click here:

Prostějov 14 April 2016:

A meeting was held 14 April 2016 at 12:00am at the National House in Prostějov, where those people took part: Mr. Josef Kašpar a secretary of Wikov Veteran Club, his second assistant Elena Gorodnicheva, then Ing. Stanislav Brácha a chairman of O.S. Industria Wichterlensis, and Mr. Josef Milar, the owner of a company Cheops.

It was confirmed that the only club event will be a cult meeting of Wikov party 2016 which will be held on Saturday 24 September 2016 in Prostějov. The event is going to take place on the basis of the programme which is placed in the link: An annual programme of the club. The part of the meeting will be a presentation of the cars Wikov in front of Museum of Prostějov on the T.G. Masaryk square in Prostějov and then the afternoon ride with historical cars to Čechy pod Kosířem.

It will be a one-day event and an arrival of participants with their cars Wikov to Prostějov will be possible on Friday afternoon. The accommodation has to be ordered and payed individually by every participant. The most appropriate hotel is Grand which has a safe and closed parking space for cars of the guests. The participants who arrive on Saturday morning will park their vehicles with semitrailers in a former car maker where will be secured a save and free parking.

Before this meeting, Mr. Kašpar with his second assistant met with Mr. Vaverka – the organizer´s adviser of events for Moravia, in Prostějov place of living, where they discussed some organization things, concerning this September Wikov party event.

At the mentioned meeting with Mr. Brácha at the National House, Mr. Vaverka did not take part because he did not have time, the necessary changes in an organization of the event and duplicity were clarified.

On this basis, the place and the time of presentation of cars Wikov on the square in Prostějov and the change of the target destination of afternoon ride were changed in the programme. The destination will be Čechy pod Kosířem. This change was due to the reconstruction of Bělecký mlýn whose owner does not know, if he can restore the traffic this year.

Prague 5 April 2016

On the 5th of April 2016, a vernissage of an exhibition of pictures and drawings of historical cars was held in a Prague gallery of visual artists Mánes whose author is master Václav Zapadlík. Among the exhibited works were pictures of Wikov cars. Apart from other guests, the opening was also attended by the president of Wikov Veteran Club M.A. Martin Wichterle and a member of the club Mgr Ing. Stanisla Karger.

At the exhibition which lasted till 29 April 2016, there were placed 2 Wikov vehicles. Mr. Ing. Veselý´s the cabriolet Wikov 70 which was completed by master Zapadlík´s design and then a car Wikov 7/28 roadster of Mr. Kafka.

The exhibition was daily opened from 10:00am to 8:00pm and the entrance fee was 100 Kč.

Wikov Veteran Club at Concours d´Elegance Chateau Loučeň

Members of Wikov Veteran Club and some other owners of historical vehicles Wikov took part in the 3rd year of a prestigious and graceful event at Concours d´Elegance Chateau Loučeň 6-7 July 2015. It was held in romantic surroundings of a caste park in Loučeň at Nymbursko.

The 3rd year of this event was held under the terms of celebrations of the 120th anniversary since establishment of a firm Laurin & Klement, its successor company is Škoda Auto. The whole event was organized by Mr. Bohuslav Klein, Rober Pergl and Ivo Smutný. The style of the event was inspired by Concours d´Elegance from the First republic (1918-1938) which was held for example in a spa in Luhačovice, in Brno and in other places in the Czechoslovak Republic.

The main exhibitor of his historical and some current vehicles was a company Škoda Auto, whose exhibits hold the biggest exhibition place. This time historical cars Wikov were the main hosting brand. The reconstructed vehicle Wikov 35 “Kapka” (“Drop”) from Veteran arena Olomouc had a premier which was together with other Czechoslovak aerodynamic vehicles (Tatra and Zetka) exhibited in a caste courtyard in a special exposition called “Czechoslovak aerodynamics”.

Apart from motor cars and vehicles of these brands, there were also other cars at a special exhibition space which were usually extinct. The cars of these brands: Hart, Bugatti, Avions Voisin, Farman, Hispano – Suiza, Duesenberg, Delage, Isotta Fraschini, Wolseley, Talbot Lago, Jaguar, Alvis, Mercedes Benz, Walter, Tatra and Zetka.

Seventeen Wikov vehicles took part in the event and between most of the guests, those cars aroused unprecedented attention and reaction. With no exaggeration, they became the biggest surprise of the whole exhibition and there were also some opinions that if it was not been for the downfall of this brand, it would be a Czech Audi nowadays.

The whole event had a rich accompanying program, where besides other things a lecture by Ing. Jiří Kohlíček captivated “Wikov – a rediscovered car star”.

The participation of Wikov Veteran Club at this event is possible evaluate as very successful, because the vehicles Wikov became known to wider awareness of Czech non-professional and professional public.