The messages from the club

Prostějov 14 April 2016:

A meeting was held 14 April 2016 at 12:00am at the National House in Prostějov, where those people took part: Mr. Josef Kašpar a secretary of Wikov Veteran Club, his second assistant Elena Gorodnicheva, then Ing. Stanislav Brácha a chairman of O.S. Industria Wichterlensis, and Mr. Josef Milar, the owner of a company Cheops.

It was confirmed that the only club event will be a cult meeting of Wikov party 2016 which will be held on Saturday 24 September 2016 in Prostějov. The event is going to take place on the basis of the programme which is placed in the link: An annual programme of the club. The part of the meeting will be a presentation of the cars Wikov in front of Museum of Prostějov on the T.G. Masaryk square in Prostějov and then the afternoon ride with historical cars to Čechy pod Kosířem.

It will be a one-day event and an arrival of participants with their cars Wikov to Prostějov will be possible on Friday afternoon. The accommodation has to be ordered and payed individually by every participant. The most appropriate hotel is Grand which has a safe and closed parking space for cars of the guests. The participants who arrive on Saturday morning will park their vehicles with semitrailers in a former car maker where will be secured a save and free parking.

Before this meeting, Mr. Kašpar with his second assistant met with Mr. Vaverka – the organizer´s adviser of events for Moravia, in Prostějov place of living, where they discussed some organization things, concerning this September Wikov party event.

At the mentioned meeting with Mr. Brácha at the National House, Mr. Vaverka did not take part because he did not have time, the necessary changes in an organization of the event and duplicity were clarified.

On this basis, the place and the time of presentation of cars Wikov on the square in Prostějov and the change of the target destination of afternoon ride were changed in the programme. The destination will be Čechy pod Kosířem. This change was due to the reconstruction of Bělecký mlýn whose owner does not know, if he can restore the traffic this year.