Logo of the club

Process of the logo´s creation

The process of the club logo was in motion of several stages. At first, at the invitation of the club management, some members sent their drafts of a main motive of the logo and its graphic shape. This process was not ideal. However, the drafts became the basis for the graphic design of the logo for the professional company.

In the next step, which happened in September and October 2015, a graphic design of the logo was made by a professional company graphic designer. It was made in several varieties, with varied main motives and shapes of emblems, coming out of historical graphic symbols used in the car maker Wikov.

Four variants of the club´s logo, which gained the most votes, were selected from these variations in the electronic voting of club members and friendly Wikov supporters.

At this stage, some voters sent new drafts of the club´s logo. One of them was even finished in a professional studio and had oval, askew placed shape of emblem with a blue square which resembled a brand Ford. These drafts have not been put into a file of chosen variants of club´s logo.

At the next stage of choosing logo, it was decided by the management of the club to choose a winning variant of the logo by drawing between two variants which got the highest and by circumstance the same number of votes in preceding electronical votes. The drawing of the winning variant did, in the presence of the club secretary and his assistant, the president of the club M.A. Martin Wichterle.

The winning shape of the logo, which was placed on a front page of this website, is not the result of the evaluation by art committee but by a result of a compromise between diverse opinions and visions of participants mentioned of voting.

The symbolism of the club´s logo

The main motive of the winning logo design is the first version of the Wikov car designation which has been used since start of their first prototypes. It is a calligraphic and graphically modified “handwritten” written name “wikov”, diagonally placed in the axis of annulus, into which the name “WIKOV VETERAN CLUB” is inscribed.

The main motive of the winning logo and his askew placement in an axis of circular area, which evokes a wheel of the car, is the reminiscence of a historical logo shape, which was placed on radiators of Wikov cars. Both mentioned motives of the logo in mutual harmony express dynamics of Wikov cars.

The graphic shape of the club´s logo