Specialist advisor

A choice of specialist advisor

One specialist advisor – MSc Stanislav Karger was chosen for professional consultations, especially for interested people in a reconstruction and completion of historical vehicles Wikov. This happened at the first member meeting Wikov Veteran Club, held on 5 September 2015 at National House in Prostějov.

Professional erudition of advisor and contact

A named man is long-time owner of vehicle Wikov. He has knowledge and experience with the completion of historical vehicles Wikov and necessary special technical education in mechanical engineering, specialization in construction of vehicles, gained at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague.

Based on his expertise, he is able to provide consultations at all stages of the Wikov completion and refurbishment process as well as advice on adjusting their engines.

MSc Stanislav Karger
+420 604 974 644