A technical advisory centre

Providing professional information

The aim of the technical advisory centre is to provide professional information for a renovation and reconstruction (rebuilding, completion) of historical cars Wikov in a way so that it correspondents with made modification and specific original type during the processes.

Professional advisors were chosen for this aim who are well acquainted with a reconstruction and the whole bodywork design of the cars Wikov. They have long-time experiences with their renovation, completion and various modifications.

The professional advisors can also offer information for repair and service of the cars Wikov and their adaptation to current situation.

In the area of expertise of advisors, there are especially:

  • Vehicles which are in a found state, with working chassis, otherwise unmodified.
  • Renovated vehicles, paint restoration included, upholstery and fully working.
  • Reconstructed vehicles (competed) based on an original chassis or cradle and other original parts of a particular type of a vehicle which are reconstructed into his original shape.

MSc Stanislav Karger with a vehicle Wikov 7/28 roadster (in a founded state) at memorial event Memoria Auto Wikov 1924-2009 in Prostějov which was held by O. S. Industria Wichterlensis in 2009. 

Evaluation of historical vehicles

Generally, historical vehicles have especially a collector´s value for their owners. The older and preserved the vehicle is, the higher collector´s value it has. The more original parts it has, and the rarer his make type and bodywork is, the higher collector´s value it has.

Apart from this, all historical vehicles have also a historical, technical, cultural and documentary value. These values are of an importance to professional and non-professional public mainly. At the same time, they influence also size of a collector´s value. The higher the historical value of a vehicles is, the higher his collector´s value it has.

The historical value depends on a vehicle´s age, well-preserved state and preciousness. Therefore, the higher the historical value of a vehicle is, the higher its collectable value it has.

A technical value of a historical vehicle grows with progressiveness, originality and a degree of perfection of his technical solution which stands out above similar vehicles of the historical period.

A cultural value of a historical vehicle consists in an embodiment of a way of life and lifestyle; also, in a degree of his technical solution, perfection of his workshop processing and in his aesthetic quality.

A documentary value of a historical vehicle is based on an authentic presentation of a car technic state in a particular historical period of time. The more faithfully the vehicle corresponds with the original vehicle of the same make and type, the higher value it has. If the given vehicle is the only representative of the particular car type of the brand, this value increases further.