Regulations of the club

At the first member meeting of Wikov Vetera Club, which was held 5 September 2015 at National House in Prostějov, they decided to transform from a free friendship of owners and supporters of Wikov cars into the organization with their own regulations.

In the context of the new Civil code and its new version of statutory instrument about social organizations and its registration in an association index. The club was transformed into “association” with corresponding regulations.

Summary of the regulations

Really interested applicants for the club membership can request the full regulations at the club secretary´s assistant.

The club regulations include those main parts:

  1. Introductory provision
    • the name of the association
    • the seat of the association
  2. Legal status of the club
    • a legal person
    • an independent organization, non-profit institution.
  3. The purpose of an existence and goals of the club
    • to make a friendly association of the owners and supporters of cars Wikov
    • to keep general and public awareness about historical cars Wikov
    • to retain the existing exemplars of cars Wikov
  4. The core business of the club
    • an organization of the regular cult meetings “Wikov party” with the presentation of the cars Wikov:
    • the presentation of the historical cars Wikov at the events in Czech, Moravia and abroad.
  5. The organization and bodies of the club
    • member meetings;
    • president of the club;
    • secretary of the club;
    • secretary´s assistant;
    • organizer of the club events;
    • the organizer´s advisors;
    • checking committee.
  6. Funding of the club activities
    • Contributions of the club members saved on his account into a bank.
  7. The membership in the club
    • every adult citizen of the Czech Republic can become a member of the club
    • an agreement with the club regulations;
    • the membership is established on the date of entry into the Club members list on the grounds of the letter of application.